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          Yingkou Hequan Refractories Co.,Ltd is a joint venture company founded in 2011 by and between TOWA CRM and Yingkou Jinlong Group with an investment of 30,000,000RMB.


          With a state-of-the-art mixing system introduced from Japan, the company boasts an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons monolithic refractories covering gunning materials, wall-patching materials, self-flowing mix and taphole gunning materials for BOF; gunning materials, taphole filling materials, bottom dry-ramming materials for EAF; castables for tundish permanent lining and slag-stopping dam; castables, spraying materials and dry-type materials for tundish working lining; castables (monolithic cast),gap-filling mix, self-flowing mix and alumina magnesia mortar for ladles; castables, ramming materials and gun-clay for blast furnace runner; castables for RH furnace and various monolithic refractories for heat treatment furnaces.


          With instructions by foreign party appointed experts and R & D abilities of the whole team, the company’s products are highly favored by domestic and overseas markets. Apart from supplying to domestic steelmaking and metallurgy industries, the company also exports large volume to many countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, Germany and Russia etc.


          The company devotes itself to building a modern monolithic refractories production and service enterprise and welcome cooperation all around the world.