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          Delegation of Liaoyang County visited Jinlong Group to Conduct a Field Research

          2019-08-01 18:40:25traffic:10124

              On 31st July, 2019, accompanied by Mr. Han Wenzhi, Mayor of Dashiqiao City, Mr. Yuan Shijun, Deputy Mayor of Dashiqiao City and Mr. Wang Jingbin, Chairman of Jinlong Group, Mr. Luo Kuiliang, Mayor of Liaoyang County, Mr. Xu Fuhan, Deputy Mayor of Liaoyang County as well as other delegates visited Jinlong Group to conduct a field research on current situation and future development of magnesia industry.

              Constant high quality products win Jinlong Group quite a reputation worldwide in this industry. Jinlong Group adjusted its development strategy in recent years from passive acceptance to active move. Keeping in mind what customers really need, Jinlong Group always puts the stability, reliability and safety of products as the first priority and regards technological innovation as the key to change economic development mode.   

              Jinlong Group has been recognized as Liaoning Province Enterprise Technology Center and Engineering Technology Research Center. Jinlong Group always highly values technology research  by establishing partnership with scientific universities and has been granted three Patents for Invention on high temperature burned magnesia carbon bricks, highly calcium magnesia calcium bricks and automatic feeding system.Apart from the most reliable and applicable products, Jinlong Group is always devoted itself to providing customers a full range of product solution services which is also vital to the change its development mode.