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          President of Krosaki Harima Group Japan Mr. Kazuhiro Egawa visited Jinlong Group

          2019-08-07 17:13:04traffic:35703

          On 6th Aug. 2019, Mr. Kazuhiro Egawa, the new president of Krosaki Harima Group Japan, visited Jinlong Group. Mr. Wang Jingbin, chairman of Jinlong Group, Mr. Wang Peng, vice chairman of Jinlong Group, Mr. Zhang Maoxin, general manager of Yingkou Krosakiharima Refractories. Co., Ltd, Ms. Liu Xiaofei, director of Import and Export Company of Jinlong Group and Mr. Wang Dejun, secretary of the party committee of Jinlong Group accompanied along the visit.

          Krosaki Harima Group Japan occupies a significant market share in industrial furnace industry across Asia and even the globe. Mr. Kazuhiro Egawa visited the mixing workshop and  MgO-C brick pressing workshop of Yingkou Krosakiharima plant, the newly founded burnt brick production line, the testing center and YGR third plant. Mr. Kazuhiro Egawa understood on site how the bricks were produced and how we performed testing procedures. He was quite impressed and spoke highly of our patented automatic weighing feeder as well as the product quality control system.

          The local government of Dashiqiao City highly valued Mr. Kazuhiro Egawas visit. Mr. Han Deshuai, executive deputy mayor of Dashiqiao City and Mr. Wang Jichun, party secretary of Jinqiao Town attended the ensuing symposium. Mr. Han spoke at the meeting. He highly praised Jinlong Group, acknowledged what the Group has achieved and expressed his expectations on the development of the Sino-Japanese joint venture Yinkou Krosakiharima Refractories Co., Ltd.

          Both sides further discussed technical issues later and exchanged their opinions. Mr. Wang answered in details all the questions that Mr. Kazuhiro Egawa were interested in. This meeting was concluded in an amicable atmosphere and laid a solid foundation for the long-term cooperation in future.